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Short Term Accommodation for NDIS Participants

Everybody needs a break or a change of scenery. It’s natural. This is also applicable, and possibly even more so, for NDIS participants and their carers.

This is where short-term accommodation (STA) comes in. Provided under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – these are the last acronyms, we promise!

STAs are a form of respite care where a well-earned break can be accessed and enjoyed.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What Are The Benefits?

It can allow those who love and care for NDIS participants most to get some valuable me time. Once they are de-stressed and recharged, the relationship with those in their care will be healthier, richer, and more grounded.

But the benefits are not just for carers. Far from it. A short stay away from a care facility for NDIS participants will present one with an opportunity to make life-long friends and learn some new skills.

Trying something different and stepping out of your comfort zone are the keys to self-development and building independence. All valuable skills that one can benefit from.

There is all the support that could possibly be needed at an STA and, depending on the preferred level of care, the experience can be shared with a dedicated support worker and other guests. This offers great value for money.

How Can I Get STA In My NDIS Plan?

Under the NDIS, the level of support required determines the amount of funding one can get. Generally speaking, the more support needed, the more funding and STA opportunities the NDIS will provide.

This is completely flexible. Those needing a lot of support may be entitled to up to 28 nights in a respite centre, while the NDIS can fund short-term STA holiday camps for people with low-level support needs.

Importantly, the NDIS will only fund an STA if it helps achieve one of the goals outlined in an NDIS plan. These could simply be making new friends or mastering independence. All that is needed is to provide evidence as to why it is reasonable and necessary to receive an STA.

This is easier than one might think. If you are interested in applying, a letter from your carer or someone whose job it is to help you will do. They need should explain why they (and you) would benefit from an STA. Simple!

The good news is that STA providers come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from cosy homes to large hotels. Do your research and make sure they meet your specific needs.

The Myxa Care team would be only too happy to help you arrange your STA stay. Contact us to set up a consultation.

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