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 Who We Help 

At Myxa Care we embrace the entire network of those connected to them. Our services are designed to assist not just those with disabilities, but also the parents, carers, and partners who play an integral role in their lives.

Supporting Parents and Carers

In Australia, approximately 1 in 9, provide unpaid care to individuals with disabilities or the elderly. That is 10.8% of the Australian population who are providing care. 


We recognise the immense value and the challenges of this crucial role. At Myxa Care, we aim to alleviate the burden on parents and carers by offering comprehensive support and guidance to help you understand the complexities of the NDIS. This collaborative approach ensures that the care provided aligns perfectly with the needs of your loved ones.


At Myxa Care, we support parents, carers and other supporters in a variety of ways to help achieve the best outcomes.

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Understanding the NDIS

Navigating the NDIS and its entitlements can sometimes be confusing. Our team is here to make it easier for you, helping you understand your entitlements and how to access them effectively.

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Education and Support

After finalising your care plan, we'll guide you through it, making sure you're comfortable with the services included and understand their importance. We aim to empower you to make the most of the care provided.

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Reliable Service You Can Trust

You can rely on us. Our commitment is to consistently offer the best service and achieve positive outcomes for you and your loved ones.

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Prompt Responses to Your Queries

We understand the frustration of delayed responses. That's why we promise to respond to your queries quickly and efficiently, ensuring you're never left waiting.

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Respect in Every Interaction

Respect is at the core of what we do. Our trained carers uphold the highest standards, treating you and your family with the utmost care and respect in every interaction.

Support Coordinators and Other Partners

Our collaborative approach extends to working hand-in-hand with support coordinators and other service providers to continuously improve our services and knowledge.


The goal is to achieve greater benefits for our participants by sharing knowledge, discovering new methods for service improvement, and continuously enhancing our offerings.

Our Service Guarantees:

  • Timely responses to all enquiries.

  • Regular communication regarding participant updates and needs.

  • Service delivery within agreed timeframes.

  • Comprehensive performance reporting.

Our Values

At Myxa Care, we live by our 3Rs Principle, which forms the foundation of our values.


We do not compromise on trust. We build our reliability through consistent, dependable care and support.


Efficiency and positivity is key to our approach. We commit to be swift and understanding, always prioritising the needs and concerns of our participants.


Treating all with respect is expected. We treat our participants and their families with the utmost dignity, upholding high standards in line with NDIS practices.



Disability Support Work

Our team of compassionate Disability Support Workers is committed to helping you live a life of choice and control. From daily assistance to skill development, we adapt our support to meet your unique needs and aspirations.


Supported Independent Living

Everyone should live in a home of their choice with the supports they need. Our Supported Independent Living options offer a safe, comfortable environment, enabling you to live with dignity and independence, exactly as you choose.

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Our goal is to help you find the perfect home that suits your needs. We guide you through the process of selecting the right type of housing, ensuring it aligns with your preferences and supports your independent lifestyle.

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Positive Behavioural Support

Together, we develop a behaviour support plan that addresses your specific needs. Our specialised support aims to foster positive changes and enhance your quality of life.

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