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Kathleen’s Complex Journey: Finding Calm and her Community

Updated: Apr 10


Kathleen's world was a whirlwind of behaviours and emotions. Sometimes, the emotions became too overwhelming, and her behaviours reflected her struggle to find her calm. Living with an intellectual disability, autism and extreme behaviours of concern made everyday life unpredictable. 

Gus Kattan, Myxa CEO says “When Kathleen was referred to us in August 2023, she was in a desperate situation and was at risk of homelessness. Living in regional Victoria, it was difficult to sustain a strong support worker team, without the vital community and mainstream services she needed.  

The Myxa team understood Kathleen's complexities. They knew she needed more than just a roof over her head and support workers; she needed a full support system tailored to her unique needs. In December, in consultation with Kathleen, Myxa facilitated a move for Kathleen to another one of their houses in Melbourne's west, a place closer to the community and mainstream resources she required. This wasn't just a change in location; it was a chance for a fresh start. 

Living in a Robust house, designed for individuals with complex needs, provided a safe and secure environment. The 2:1 support staffing ratio ensured Kathleen received the constant support she required to undertake her daily living needs. Kathleen was connected with a regular GP specialising in complex behaviours and disability. Finally, Kathleen had a health professional who understood her challenges. 

But the most significant change came with building a strong support team around Kathleen. Huhana – Behavioural Support Practitioner developed a Positive Behavioural Support Plan for Kathleen, which provides a roadmap for understanding and managing Kathleen’s challenging behaviours with proactive strategies to support her to express her needs and requirements in a healthy way.  

Kathleen is now being supported by a dedicated team including her support staff, her Behavioural Support Practitioner - Huhana, Lisa her SIL Manager, Gerald her House Supervisor, Susan her Support Coordinator, her Occupational Therapist and General Practitioner (GP). Every week, they come together to review Kathleen's progress, celebrate her achievements, and discuss any challenges she faced. This constant communication, collaboration and feedback ensures Kathleen's support remains consistent and effective. 

“The results have been transformative. By being empowered by the right support system, Kathleen has begun to blossom. She isn’t confined to the walls of her house anymore, she’s enjoying trips to the beach and the aquarium, helping her connect with her community” says Lisa – SIL Manager. 


(Left to right: Gus Kattan – Myxa CEO, Gerald- House Supervisor, Christine - Support Worker, Kathleen, Lisa – SIL Manager, Omassah - Support Worker.) 

Myxa's support also helped Kathleen inch closer to her NDIS goals. She started taking responsibility for chores around the house, like washing dishes and vacuuming, building valuable life skills and independence. She has a creative side too, and art and craft are her happy place. Her support team fosters this passion, ensuring Kathleen had the materials and support to express herself creatively. 


One thing that brings Kathleen immense joy is being able to be the responsible pet owner she always wanted to be in caring for her two pet fish, MJ and Spot. 

Kathleen's story is one of hope and transformation. With her support team’s guidance and support, she is not just surviving, she is thriving. She is building a life filled with independence, connection, and a sense of belonging.  

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