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Disability Support Work

Disability Support Work

At Myxa Care, we provide disability support services to give our participants choice and control. We work with individuals and families to identify their needs, and provide personalised care that empowers those with a disability to live with independence.


What is Disability Support Work?

Disability support work refers to support services that increase independence and well-being for those living with a disability. For example, assistance with showering, shopping, household chores and exercise.

You and your loved ones decide the support services you will receive based on your needs and NDIS funding. We are able to assist you to live independently, we can provide in-home care or support in the community.


Who We Help

At Myxa Care, our team have extensive experience working with people who have disabilities, their families and support coordinators including individuals who have ‘complex’ and specialised care needs. We believe that ‘complexity’ is misguided simplicity. Our team breaks down complex cases into their simplest form to ensure participants are well supported and care is tailored and personalised to every individual under Myxa Care.


We provide support to a large variety of those living with a disability, including:


  • Individuals with newly acquired disabilities

  • Individuals under Child Protection and Department of Families Fairness and Housing (DFFH)

  • Youth and adults under a Department of Human and Health (DHHS) order

  • Children at risk of relinquishment

  • Those requiring high intensity support, 2:1, 1:1, 24-hour care

  • Individuals with complex physical, mental health and behavioural support needs including those who display “high risk” behaviour

We provide support 24 hours 7 days a week

Types Of Support


Daily Living Skills

Daily living skills (or activities of daily living) are tasks that are needed to undertake your everyday activities. As detailed in NDIS guideline from the government of Australia, the support you receive from our experienced staff as part of your assistance with daily living skill can include:


Personal Care

Support with showering, toileting, dressing and other hygiene needs such as your brushing teeth, using deodorant and shaving.


Home Chores

Myxa Care staff can help with your home chores such as cleaning, washing and ironing.


Developing Life Skills

We empower individuals living with a disability by helping them develop a routine, emotional resilience as well as social and communication skills. This  helps you to engage appropriately in the community and improve overall well-being.


Cooking and Meal Preparation

We can help you with meal planning, preparation and cooking. Our staff work with you to create the meals they like and to establish a balanced diet.

Community Participation

Our team strongly believe that inclusion in the community is an important part of your well-being which is why it is at the core of our services. We work with those living with a disability and their families to ensure you participate in the activities that you enjoy!

We offer a variety of services within the community and tailor this to what you want- whether that be shopping, exercise or hanging out with friends!

What we offer:



This could be going for a walk in your local park or participating in a team sport. Firstly, we will determine what exercise you like doing and we assist you by taking you there e.g to a yoga class, the gym or a group session.



Having a hobby can be educational, keep you active and engaged and it is a great way to meet other people. Our team support you to partake in your current hobbies or even help you find a new hobby such as dancing or photography.



We support you by creating shopping lists and can accompany you to do your shopping.



We know that navigating public transport or finding someone to drive you can be difficult. Our support workers are able to support you by taking you to work, school, appointments or community activities.


Myxa Care Support Workers

Our experienced team of support care workers assist individuals with varied and ‘complex’ disabilities by providing services in their home or the community. Our team works closely with individuals, families and support coordinators to ensure services are tailored and personalised.  


Finding experienced support care workers can be complicated, that’s why Myxa Care makes the process easy for you. We understand that every individual and families require their own unique care. Our support workers have the appropriate skills and qualifications to provide all levels of care. The care provided can be a few hours a week to engage in social activities, through to requiring a high level of specialised support to manage complex daily needs.


Myxa Care Support workers are reliable, respectful and responsive individuals who are dedicated to building relationships with their participants and supporting them to live a life of their choice.

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So, you are probably thinking that there are many registered NDIS Providers out there and why choose the team at Myxa Care?

Here is why!


  • Firstly, we prioritise intake to ensure vital care is given as soon as possible.

  • We have specialised practioniers on-site who prepare and/or review your support plan which ensures you receive the best possible services.

  • We adopt a participant-first approach, establishing relationships based on trust, reliability and responsiveness.

  • Unlike other providers, Myxa Care have extensive experience in providing specialised services to individuals with ‘complex’ care needs and those who display “high risk” behaviour.

  • We not shy from what other providers may deem too “complex” to take on.

  • At Mxya Care, we are happy to provide support for 2 hours per week and we are able to provide care 24 hours day every day of the week.

  • We provide ongoing professional development to all our staff.

  • We pride ourselves in the fact that we work with the individual, their family, support coordinators and other appropriate care providers to establish clear and appropriate goals for every person that comes under Myxa Care. This allows personalised and tailored services for you to achieve the best possible outcome.



Disability Support Work

Our team of compassionate Disability Support Workers is committed to helping you live a life of choice and control. From daily assistance to skill development, we adapt our support to meet your unique needs and aspirations.


Supported Independent Living

Everyone should live in a home of their choice with the supports they need. Our Supported Independent Living options offer a safe, comfortable environment, enabling you to live with dignity and independence, exactly as you choose.

mambourin front.jpg

Our goal is to help you find the perfect home that suits your needs. We guide you through the process of selecting the right type of housing, ensuring it aligns with your preferences and supports your independent lifestyle.

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Positive Behavioural Support

Together, we develop a behaviour support plan that addresses your specific needs. Our specialised support aims to foster positive changes and enhance your quality of life.

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