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Disability Accommodation Melbourne

Specialist Disability Accommodation
Safe, comfortable, independent living

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We will support you to be matched where you want to live with an accessible and comfortable home that promotes independence.  Our SDA options range from group homes to self-contained apartments, all designed with your needs in mind.

Our SDA homes are approved for SDA Robust, Improve Liveability and support ratios of 1:1, 1:2, 2:2 and 2:1. 

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Improved Liveability

This is for people with a sensory, intellectual, or cognitive impairment. 

Features include being easy to enter and move around in with doorways and other features being easy to see. Good visibility from one room to the next. Easily adapted to suit individual needs.

Introducing Chadstone - Brand New SDA
Improved Liveability

Experience Independent Living at its finest with our brand new SDA units in the heart of Chadstone. Combining luxury design with complete comfort, these 1 and 2 bedroom units allow you to live a life of independence with everything you need at your finger-tips. 


These SDA units are fitted with smart technology, solar energy and have a beautiful common area for you to socialise with your neighbours.

Features of these units include:

  • Solar energy

  • Smart technology throughout

  • Heating and cooling in each unit

  • Lift access

  • Garage access from ground level

  • Common areas including a reading nooks and study areas

  • Outdoor access in each unit

  • Luxury appliances and fittings

Coming Soon

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6 X 1 Bedroom Apartments

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3 x 2 Bedroom Apartments

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Is for people who sometimes act in ways that may hurt them or other people around them. The walls, windows and other things in a Robust home aren't easily broken as well as sound proofing so that the participant isn't bothered by sounds from outside. The doors and windows are secure and there is a safe space for staff and residents to go to keep safe if they need to.  

Our Robust Homes

Robust houses are for people who act in a way that puts themselves, others or the property at risk. They often have complex behaviours or behaviours of concern. Robust homes have enough space and safeguards for the needs of residents to reduce the risk of participants hurting themselves and others.  

Features of Robust homes include:

  • Secure window and doors 

  • Impact resistant walls, fittings and fixtures

  •  Additional soundproofing so the resident isn't  bothered by sound outside their home

  • A safe place for staff and other residents to get to quickly to avoid being hurt, if required

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Empowering Individuals with Complex Needs

Recognising the unique challenges faced by individuals with complex behaviours, Myxa Care's Robust Homes offer a holistic, trauma-informed approach built on collaboration. We work hand-in-hand with participants, families, and key stakeholders, including the Department of Justice and DHS, to develop individualised support plans that address their specific needs and goals.

Our dedicated team is specifically recruited and trained to provide specialised care with a trauma-informed lens. We empower participants through choice and control, teaching our support staff to respond thoughtfully, not react impulsively, to challenging situations. We firmly believe in seeing individuals as living with a disability, not defined by it, no participant is too complex for Myxa.

If you would like to speak to us about how we can support you or a loved one with our
Robust homes, please phone 1300 006 992

High Physical Support Needs
Tailored Individual Support


We understand that certain individuals require a specialised form of care. High Physical Support Needs is a dedicated service for those whose disabilities demand more skilled and experienced support, ensuring they receive the attention and resources necessary to support them.

The Myxa Care Approach

High Physical Support Needs is crafted for participants who need:  

  • One-on-one or two-on-one assistance to managing challenging behaviours requiring intensive positive behaviour support  

  • Continuous active support owing to significant medical needs, such as seizure or respiratory aid  

  • Support focused on detailed health management addressing medical, behavioural support or a blend of both

Each service is designed to support mental, physical and behavioural complexities, ensuring participants can engage actively in their communities and achieve their goals. 

Our range of high physical support needs services include: 

  • Complex behaviour intervention strategies

  • Consistent routine implementation

  • Focused skill development programs

  • Intensive 2:1 behavioural support 

  • Daily support driven therapeutic recommendations

  • Social inclusion and complex behaviour engagement activities 

  • Implementation of approved restricted practises

  • Support for minors in out-of-home placements

  • Expertise in hoist work and 2:1 transfers 

  • Detailed continence care, peg feeding and mobility support 

Our Myxa Care team is skilled in a broad range of disciplines, from psychology and social work to behavioural analysis and counselling, ensuring we manage complex care needs effectively. 

We are trained to provide: 

  • Care for complex bowel needs 

  • Feeding and care for those with tubes going to their stomach 

  • Looking after people with tracheostomies 

  • Managing catheters, for those who need them to goto the toilet

  • Taking care of ventilators for breathing support

  • Giving injections just under the skin 

  • Looking after serious wounds 

  • Helping those with severe swallowing difficulties 

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If you would like to speak to us about how we can support you or a loved one with our High Physical Support Needs Service, please phone 1300 006 992

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Myxa Care: Experts in Complex Needs

Our diverse team blends psychology, social work, and behaviour analysis to manage even the most challenging care. We specialise in high physical support needs for mental, physical, and behavioral issues, including forensic needs.

Committed to personalised care, we constantly train and collaborate with families for holistic, empowering support.

High-Physical Support Needs Journey Made Easy:

  1. What Are You Looking For? We listen to your goals and tailor support accordingly.

  2. Exceeding Expectations: Weekly reports, monthly meetings - we go beyond your needs.

  3. Finding Your Home: Matching you with the perfect medium-term or independent living option.

  4. Your Support Team: We handpick the best care workers for comfort and comprehensive assistance.

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