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Myxa Care supporting Specialist Disability Accommodation Development

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

At Myxa Care, we are a dedicated NDIS registered SDA Provider, providing specialised services to help people with disabilities find suitable accommodation and support services. As an SDA Provider, our services include:

Registering the SDA dwelling with the NDIS

We will register the SDA dwelling with the NDIS and ensure that it meets all relevant regulations and guidelines.

Developing the SDA Service Agreement

We will develop a comprehensive SDA Service Agreement that outlines the services and supports that will be provided to residents.

Rental residential tenancy agreement

We will manage the rental residential tenancy agreement between the SDA owner and the residents.

Claiming SDA payments from NDIS monthly and paying SDA owner within 5 business days

We will ensure that SDA payments are claimed from the NDIS monthly and that the SDA owner is paid promptly within 5 business days.

Receiving rent from the SDA residents

We will receive rent from the SDA residents and ensure that it is used to maintain the property and provide necessary services and supports.

Upholding residential rights of SDA residents through compliance with RTA

We will ensure that the rights of SDA residents are upheld by complying with the Residential Tenancies Act.

Managing and advertising vacancies to fill the SDA with NDIS participants efficiently

We will manage and advertise vacancies to fill the SDA with NDIS participants in an efficient and timely manner.

Notifying residents of changes to service agreement

We will notify residents of any changes to the service agreement and ensure that their rights and interests are protected.

Reporting maintenance and repairs requests to property owner

We will report maintenance and repair requests to the property owner and ensure that they are promptly addressed.

Organising repair works and submitting claims to NDIS for participant specific damage to home

We will organise repair works and submit claims to the NDIS for participant-specific damage to the home.

At Myxa Care, we charge set fees of no more than 5% of the annual income, with no hidden charges or costs. We do not charge vacancy listing fees or leasing fees. We are also the in-house SIL Provider, providing high-quality SIL services to SDA residents.

Visit our Specialist Disability Accommodation page online to see our current projects:

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