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Gus Kattan


Gus is deeply passionate about enabling people with disabilities to live fulfilling and independent lives. Decades of experience working in leadership positions across the healthcare industry and disability sector have shaped Gus into a future-orientated, people-driven leader.


Gus had hands-on experience with disability from an early age. Gus’s sister was born with Cerebral Palsy, and he would help his parents to support her. Through this experience, Gus cultivated a compassionate and understanding nature. As a teenager, Gus would often donate his time by volunteering in care facilities to support people with disabilities and the elderly.


A graduate of Melbourne University and Middlesex University in London, Gus holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Strategic Human Resources Management and Employment and Labour Relations Law.


Leveraging his business expertise, personal family experience and academic achievements, Gus founded Myxa Care on its ‘3R’ values. By being Reliable, Responsive and Respectful, Myxa Care brings a superior standard of care to those in need.


With hard work, dedication, and most importantly - trust, Gus has quickly and efficiently transformed Myxa Care into a vital disability service provider. Today, Myxa Care supports hundreds of participants and has created over two hundred employment opportunities. By putting people at the forefront of organisations, Gus has created a high-performance culture at Myxa Care.

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Gus Kattan
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