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Meet Stevie – Myxa Manor’s (unofficial) Mascot

Meet Stevie, the unofficial mascot of Myxa Manor, though she doesn’t wear a name tag, her wagging tail and joyful eyes announce her arrival long before she enters a room. Steve is a black Labrador who has a special role at the disability support accommodation provider in Balwyn. Stevie belongs to Amber – Myxa’s Operations Director who is training her to be able to help her around the house. Amber who uses a wheelchair, has taught Stevie how to 'touch' light switches, open doors, and fetch items.  

“Stevie is a quick learner and a hard worker. I’m teaching her to be able to help me with tasks around the home, mainly to pick up her own toys and treats. She comes to work with me at the Manor most days of the week, she loves all the attention, and the residents adore being greeted by her wagging tail and soft nuzzle” says Amber.  

Stevie also loves to interact with the residents, who have different kinds of disabilities and needs. She is very friendly and gentle and often pops her head in and says hi when the residents have activities like gardening, painting, or cooking, usually to show off her latest dog toy. One resident said “When I go for my morning stroll I love when I am greeted by Stevie in the corridor, usually looking for someone to give her pats”.  

Stevie is almost two years old, but she still has a lot of energy and curiosity. She likes to run, play, and explore. She’s mostly well behaved but occasionally dig holes in the garden or chases the birds and she has been known to have a little nibble on Amber's shoes from time to time.  

"Stevie isn't just Amber's dog; she's the sunshine our residents wake up to" says Myxa Manor’s care team. "Her playful spirit reminds everyone to find joy in the little things. Watching Stevie interact with the residents is pure magic". 

Myxa Manor sits on an acre of land and offers housing tailored to meet the needs of those living with a disability. Our accommodation options include supported independent living, short and medium term accommodation including respite. It would be our pleasure to arrange a tour for you at a time and day that suits, simply fill in our Booking Form.  

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